Website Due Diligence Consulting

Take it from someone who has built, bought and sold websites; doing proper due diligence on a website or blog purchase is a very necessary part of the process.

What can happen if you don’t conduct due diligence?

Say you’re a traditional wall street or real estate investor. You’re already well aware that diversification is the key to stability. A friend or colleague has convinced you to take a shot at a digital or online property claiming that the ROI blows traditional financial growth methods out of the water. Guess what? They’re right. But only for the right asset.

Here’s what you should consider before buying:

  1. Do I have any experience in the websites niche?
  2. If I don’t have any experience do I have a team in place who does?
  3. How long will it take me to make my money back?
  4. Is the website diversified in it’s monetization and traffic sources?
  5. Has the current owner sold a website before?
  6. How can I verify that their proof of income and website statistics are legitimate?

Here’s what a Due Diligence Consultant should be checking and considering on your behalf:

  1. Current Owner Background
    1. Experience in niche or marketing
    2. Potential hidden reasons behind sale
    3. History of asset management
  2. Competition Research
    1. Keyword analysis
    2. Content originality
    3. Closest competitors
  3. Analytics Investigation
    1. Traffic Deep Dive
    2. Social Media Round Up
  4. Monetization Investigation
    1. Cross checking financials
    2. Access to accounts
    3. Identifying unaccounted business expenses
  5. Growth Opportunity Assessment
  6. Time Investment to Take Over

At Get Niche Quick you’ll get an analytics minded professional website consultant who is engrained in all of these items daily and who can spot inconsistencies in marketing materials and real business results.

$999 for all of the above in a full, professional report

Free 15 minute consultation for first time clients.

NOTE: Hire a due diligence consultant before a lawyer or attorney so that anything they turn up can be a point of discussion when drafting a contract for purchase.




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