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Get Niche Quick is a unique organization who makes it possible for first time bloggers to get skilled coaching through one on one interactions, premium content and community access to resources and influencers that help them build, buy and sell online properties that make money.

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We like money just like everyone else! It sure does help to fund our ongoing projects by accepting sponsorships or advertising. If you’d like to know our rates connect with us via our online form and we’ll send over our offerings and corresponding rates post-haste.

Get Niche Conference

There aren’t many forums where builders, buyers and sellers can come together to learn from each other and do business outside of the confines of their computer. Pre-register for our soon-to-come first annual Get Niche Conference where web developers, entrepreneurs, investors, brokers and providers all work together to improve the collective experience of the web.


Join our Clique of online entrepreneurs who share, partner and grow together in an ongoing open discussion between a tight-knit gathering of passionate people. Opportunities for excursions to meet-up in tropical and fun destinations are being prepared at this very moment.


Feature our company or it’s founder, Tim Seidler, in an article about online business and get free and valuable content for your publication simply by talking to a person in the know. In return we simply ask that you link back to the site to acknowledge your source.


A few people have sung our good graces so far and we’re happy to shamelessly promote where we’ve been featured here. If you’d like to add your name to the list connect with us for interview and guest posting opportunities.

FE International


Who To Blame For Your Eventual Success

Tim Seidler

Tim is a guy who does things. You can be successful if you do things too. He'll teach you.

Free Website Critique?!

For a limited time Tim is accepting submissions from bloggers and website owners to get a free 5-minute video consultation with tips to improve monetization, user experience and pretty much anything else he can conjure up in that short of a time.

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*Only one site per person, fulfilled as time permits.

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