We’re really excited to sell you this thing, but we’ve currently taken it offline to update for 2017!

As you can well appreciate the times do a change and we wouldn’t want to sell you something that isn’t relevant.

If you’d like to pre-order your copy right now here’s what you’ll get when it becomes available.

  1. How To Build Your Website (Step by Step guide with demo videos)
  2. How To Monetize Your Blog (Turning your side project into a full-time income)
  3. How To Sell Your Digital Property (Once you’re making money we’ll show you how to cash out for a lump sum)

PLUS: You’ll get bonus templates to help you plan and execute content, design and business processes that save you loads of time!

Who To Blame For Your Eventual Success

Tim Seidler

Tim is a guy who does things. You can be successful if you do things too. He'll teach you.