Tools of The Trade

I’ve been doing this for years now and over time the cream always rises to the top. I’ve tried the majority of services and products available to internet marketers and the ones below are the ones I use day in and day out.

Media TempleWeb Hosting – MediaTemple.
Unparalleled customer support, quick and easy WordPress setup, and upgrading my server over time is completely painless. I now host over 80 domains on my single DV server for only $150/month! It pays for itself in spades.
GoDaddyBuying Domains – GoDaddy
By far the biggest domain registrar, GoDaddy offers the best management system for holding, hosting and renewing your domains. Plus they’ve got the cheapest prices on the web…especially if you join their Discount Domain Club.
ThemeForestWordPress Themes – ThemeForest
I’ve purchased at least 10 to 15 themes for myself and clients over the last few years and I’ve never found the quality that ThemeForest offers anywhere else. For the small ~$50 price tag that most WordPress themes run it’s well worth the price.
This Theme : Vlog
ahrefsSEO Monitoring –
Understanding where you stand in the search engines is fundamental to building a successful niche website, identifying your strengths and fixing your weaknesses. After lost my business and Google Adwords made it harder to see keyword data is the only tool I use anymore.
CPC Monetization –
When it comes to creating extra revenue opportunities on each page of your site adding instead of Google Adsense has worked wonders for me. I’ve seen higher payouts and better customization from their dedicated account reps.
adobe-stockStock Images – Adobe Stock
Building any website, app or software requires a certain amount of finish to be trustworthy in your visitors minds. Get 10 free stock images when you sign up and cancel anytime.
MailChimpEmail Marketing – MailChimp
Lots of companies out there will try to convince you that you need to buy their email services because they offer you more tools than the other guys. Fact of the matter is all you need is to collect addresses and send emails to your subscribers. MailChimp does it best for the cheapest.
Adobe Creative CloudDesign & Production – Adobe Creative Cloud
Even if you’re not a designer or programmer by trade eventually you’re going to have to learn the basics. Signing up for Adobe Creative Cloud gives you full access to every single program in their arsenal. This new subscription service makes it affordable for amateurs to own Dreamweaver and Photoshop for the first time. Invest!
ProsociateAmazon Affiliate Plugin – Prosociate
Hands down the most powerful plugin I’ve ever used. Prosociate easily ties to your Amazon affiliate account and enables you to quickly bring in hundreds of products as individual pages and begin selling and making commissions instantly. The smartest $39 you could spend if you’re doing e-commerce or product recommendations.
LyndaWeb Tutorials –
I got my internet marketing career off the ground with the knowledge I gained from the tutorials at They’ve got easy to understand lessons on Photoshop, Dreamweaver, WordPress programming languages and more. Plus a free trial to get you started.


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