If you’ve never heard that quote before then allow me to be the first to attribute it. My good friend Matt Andrews has said this to me on numerous occasions and to my knowledge it is his quote and his alone (I ran a Google search just to be sure).

He may have been using it in a different context than the one I’m going to expound on, but nonetheless it’s a very thought provoking statement that applies quite dramatically to making money online.

I’m guilty just like everyone else of not doing things because I have a preconceived notion, or standard, that I’m trying to live up to.

In internet marketing this is an absolute killer. The drop-out rate of beginners trying their hand at website creation is probably astounding for the mere fact that newcomers think their websites have to look or be like the polished, branded mega sites we’ve all come to know and love.

The fact of the matter is that good looking websites just aren’t as important as we all think they are.

The really good websites are the ones that provide information that people can’t find anywhere else. Where people can find the advice or knowledge they seek without all the fluff. The ones that ignore the standards and seize the opportunity to connect on a level that matters.

Some of the best and most useful websites on the internet to this day are ones that just aren’t all that appealing. Wikipedia and Craigslist are complete embarrassments to anyone with design sense and yet they continue to thrive because they provide something useful.

The point I’m trying to get at is to worry about standards later; after you’ve explored the things that matter. The things that are useful. This will make your niche marketing dreams much more attainable and remove a lot barriers that you think exist.

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Tim Seidler

Tim is a guy who does things. You can be successful if you do things too. He'll teach you.

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Tim Seidler

Tim is a guy who does things. You can be successful if you do things too. He'll teach you.

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