The title says it all. In the world of online development and website creation it’s not a given that all those sites that you love and admire in your niche will always rank ahead of you.

The thing you have to remember is that you only have to be slightly better than them to succeed.

This means that if they skip a post and you double up, you’re gaining ground. If they don’t seek out back links and you do then you’re hot on their tail. If they don’t pay attention to social media and you do then you’ve just surpassed them.

Commitment to the cause is, in my opinion, the single most important thing to becoming successful at generating passive income online. If you find a niche and really become the expert or authority in it then there is almost no way you can fail.

People are seeking something when they encounter your web properties and if you can give them some value then the monetization opportunities will be obvious.

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Tim Seidler

Tim is a guy who does things. You can be successful if you do things too. He'll teach you.

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Tim Seidler

Tim is a guy who does things. You can be successful if you do things too. He'll teach you.

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