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Part design wizard, part code hacker, part entrepreneurial wannabe, I’ve called it quits at my full-time gig and decided to take this show on the road.

Going solo for the first time in my life along with my two amazing kids I’ve truly learned the meaning of work-life balance. Building websites has given me the freedom to explore happiness in ways I never knew existed. And I have to tell you a secret…it’s really not that hard.

You can see why I want to spend more time at home.

I was able to do this because of the success I’ve found online.

Now I spend my “work days” at Starbucks while jamming to my favorite songs and sipping on my favorite caffeinated beverage (Venti No-Whip Mocha). These are usually 4-6 hour stretches a few times a week that serve more as self-indulgence and preservation than what one would classify as actual work.

In between “working”, I have the luxury of being able to do the simple things that seemed difficult while at my 8 to 5 salaried job. These things include getting my oil changed, picking my son up from preschool, and calling to complain about my health care coverage (don’t get me started).

Why this blog?
It’s very foreign to me to put my time and energy into something that I don’t see as a profitable endeavor. I have a lot to say about where I’m going, where I’ve been, and how I got where I am today. Hopefully that translates into this blog and helps some people along the way.

I’m also hoping this will be an outlet that helps me to connect with others doing the same thing. Without a workplace with co-workers to chat with daily it can get kinda lonely out here. That’s why I encourage you to hit me up in the comments, send me an email or find me on social media. I’ve got nothing but time to talk shop with you.

Great places to get started!

If you’re only interested in my tools of the trade then you’ll probably find my resources page pretty useful. Otherwise there’s plenty to see here. From my domain acquisitions to my sites in development to my current earnings to my entire journey from day one. I doubt you’ll be disappointed with the niche snippets that you pick up. See what I did there?


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  • Hi, my husband and I needed some good inspiration to boost our income. We have two lovely kids so I can imagine why you’d want to spend more time at home.

    We are about to launch our 1st product on amazon. I’d love to receive your advice and guidance along the way.

    Would love to hear from you just so that I could give my two kids a beautiful life.

    • Hey Ifrah,

      Your story hits close to home since I’ve also got a couple amazing munchkins hanging out around my ankles. I’d love to know more about your product and what your strategy is to bring it to market.

      The one thing I can say right away is that it takes a lot more effort than just releasing a product to the market to make it successful. My old boss used to say “What good is it to put a billboard up in the middle of a desert?” meaning that you could have the greatest product in the world, but if no one sees it then you’re just wasting your time.

      Make sure whatever it is that you’re doing that you’re proactively reaching out to resources in the same community to try to get exposure and eyeballs on your wares. If you don’t believe in your product then why should anyone else?

  • Hi Tim,,, GREAT website you have here. And that is why I’m asking permission to link to it from my site, http://www.domainnamedeli.com/ under the “Some Great Resources” tab. Actually, the link is there now for you to check out but if you’d rather I take it down, I understand.

    I’ve been a Domain Junkie for quite awhile but I’m a real novice at marketing, promotion, etc. I built my site with Serif WebPlus X7 but I’m thinking I may want to check out WordPress.

    Anyways, I couldn’t find a phone # for you so I’m begging this way,, :). I really want to develop a different URL I recently landed, ReallyGoodDomainNames.com and /or ReallyGoodNames.com

    Thanks and have a great day,

    Bill Henson
    352 222-xxxx

  • Hello Mr Seidler,

    I am currently studying business and playing football at Chadron State College, I have been very interested in online businesses and have been following your site. I know that every business always has potential to grow, change, and be improved. I believe that I can help make your’s better in someway. I would love the opportunity to talk to you or message you to see if you have ANY positions that need filling. Including any intern positions. I am a team player, hard worker, highly creative and sacrificial person. Please contact me. I would love to take a chance here to develop a foundation for me , while still helping you to develop all of your business ventures, and tasks.

  • Hello Tim,

    I admire your work and your websites. I am taking your advices and follow your instructions in order to find myself a good niche website.

    I’m sure your are a busy man but I do have some question since I am a little lost with my own research.

    1- When you are looking for a new niche, what are you looking for generally speaking? Do you just type random words to find a good keyword or have you already gathered some ideas that have potential?

    2- What details tells you when a niche is worth trying? Do you consider the search volume, a high suggested bid, do you adjust yourself to what people are interested in, do you search for niches that you have passion in, do you also consider the amount of search results when you type it in google.com?

    3- What details do you stay away from?

    Thank you so much and have a good one Tim!



    • Hey Miguel,

      Not nearly as busy as you’d think…though I’m sure people on the outside would ask me how I have time for anything. To answer your questions.

      1. I honestly don’t really seek out new niches anymore. They usually find me. Just look for things around you that interest you or stand out as opportunities to solve peoples problems and you won’t have to rack your brain.

      2. When it comes to identifying whether or not a niche is good it’s usually a combination of keyword research and competitive analysis that drives my decision making. If there is a healthy assortment of semi-longtail exact match searches that produce traffic then that’s usually a good indicating factor. For instance, coloring pages is a good traffic niche because the competition is pretty dismal in terms of quality and the search volume is great. An example of a semi-longtail exact match keyword in this niche would be “shark pictures to color”. It’s just the monetization that lacks there, but that’s the perfect place to get creative with new strategies.

      3. I stay away from highly commercial products. Since my efforts are usually more in the blogosphere I don’t really go after retail products that profit more from affiliate sales. Plus there’s a lot more competition from well-funded e-commerce sites that make showing up in the SERPS hard these days.

      Hope that helps!

  • Hello Tim,

    Recently have teamed w/ Affiliate Windows driving traffic to website store pages. I have watched the video you put together on keynotes, a few questions. How would a javascript code correctly be installed on a website using the weebly platform? What would be the best way to go about driving traffic to said store pages using my domain? Also, how long did it take you to start earning an amount via online platforms? T

    Thanks so much,


    • Hey Josh,

      I’m not super familiar with Weebly, but I think you have to access the source code to drop in the javascript which I believe is a paid upgrade.

      In terms of driving traffic it’s all about content and outreach. Nothing is going to happen overnight, but that’s a funny thing. Put in the hours and one day you’ll be shocked at how much money you’re making with hardly any effort. It’s all upfront work with a big payoff in the end.

  • This is just a big WOW for me. I have no idea what product(s) that I can think of right now but I so so wanna be in the game now. How does someone in my position even start anything on this? Advise?

  • Hey Tim, I have a question for you…
    Why did you chose to format the URLs on the pet food society website that way? e.g. petfoodsociety.com/best/puppy-food/labs instead of let’s say petfoodsociety.com/best-puppy-food-labs ? I have an idea for a niche website and I’m not sure what’s best for website structure / URLs.

    Please clarify this for me. I appreciate it Tim.

    Real gold youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q33MN5SbOEU


    • Hey Vic,

      I structured the URL’s that way for 2 reasons.

      1. The theme I use almost exclusively is called Modernize (by Goodlayers). It’s a bit old in terms of its release, but the added functionality built into it allows me to create page and post structures that I’m really comfortable with.

      It has a page builder where if I set up my URL’s in the parent/child relationship that you reference I can nest the sub pages under the main page. It’s really similar to what you’d see with categories, but I like doing it this way better because with categories you don’t usually have the ability to add content or customize the page to the same extent.

      2. I used this method in a past project and I found it to be successful in terms of garnering organic traffic.

      All that said I do run a website that abandons this concept and posts all content as posts instead of pages and also does really well in Google.

      I think whatever you’re most comfortable with is going to be the direction you should use. As long as you remember that success has very little to do with site structure and wayyyy more to do with providing content that answers your visitors questions and concerns fully.

      Hope that helps!

  • Hi there,
    i wanted to know your story about how you got here. My presentation is about any successful online entrepreneur and I decided to chose you. So, if you can please share your whole story with me i’ll be really glad.
    thank you.

  • When did you know it was the right time to quit the 9-5 and do this full-time?

    I’ve been working on various sites for 4 years now on the side. My 9-5 pays well but my side gig has exceeded that for the past year. I have 3 young kids who my wife homeschools so there’s no second income.

    It’s just hard to pull the trigger and have to depend on Google or have faith that the Amazon affiliate program will continue running indefinitely.

    • What’s up Troy.

      I pulled the trigger about 6 months after my income eclipsed my salaried job. Looking back it was an extremely risky move, but also paved the way for a lot of personal and professional development that I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.

      If I were to give you advice I’d say it’s really nice having the best of both worlds. If it’s not broke there’s definitely no need to fix it. Believe it or not the stability of a full-time job with the added bonus of side income gives you so much more freedom than venturing out does. The stress of being fully reliant on yourself can take it’s toll and put a strain on your mental health that makes the once ideal situation not so ideal anymore. Plus it completely changes your family dynamic and that’s not always necessarily a good thing.

      I’d say it’s definitely a great idea to start saving all that extra money if you can and consider staying at your full-time job until you’ve reached a year’s worth of backup income in case things were to go downhill.

      • Appreciate the response. I think your advice is right on for me since I’m a bit risk-averse. BTW, great site you have here. Just recently came across it.

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