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See how Tim wrote some stuff up there? You should do that too. Tim's mission is to take average people, force them to write about stuff they know, and then help make them successful beyond their wildest dreams. Easy peasy.


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Niche Incubators

These sites are in the process of development and are gaining site age, domain authority and content quality every day. While they’re not up for sale just yet and...

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How To Charge For Content Writing

If you’re new to writing for the web then you’re probably asking yourself what you should be charging for your services. There are a few different ways to...

Freelance Writing Jobs

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional we’ve built a large portfolio of websites in a variety of niches that need great writers. Select from...

What? A Real Person?!

Hello. I'm Tim. And I'm a real person.

Tim Seidler

I'm currently doing, done, or intending to do all the things I talk about on GNQ.

If you're lost, need help or want to talk to a real person about internet marketing I'm always up for a chat.

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