Blog Coaching

Getting a website or blog off the ground is no easy task. Getting a profitable one going is even more difficult.

If you’re new to blogging it can be downright scary to figure out the steps and actions you should be taking next to ensure maximum success. If you’ve been in blogging for a while attaining that next level of success can be just as difficult.

That’s where a blogging coach comes in.

Having designed, developed, optimized, monetized, bought and ultimately sold multiple websites I’ve obtained a unique and valuable understanding of the business landscape as it pertains to blogging and the opportunities and intricacies that accompany.

With my unique knowledge I can help you realize your vision for your blog and guide you toward a self-sustaining income that gives you the freedom and ownership you seek.

3 Skype/Phone Sessions
You're just starting.
Working together to identify your potential and build a website to suit.
Ideation - A conversation about your talents and hobbies along with on-the-fly research about how you can turn them into a blog that makes money!
Website Set-up - We get to work buying a domain, setting up hosting and installing Wordpress so that you can get started.
Game Planning - We create a business model together that you can begin working on to achieve a stable foundation for ultimate success.
2 Skype/Phone Sessions
You already started.
Optimizing your current website for better conversion and bigger profit.
Content Strategy - We do a deep dive into your current site and locate opportunities to expand and accentuate your initial progress with new content, social posting and SEO techniques.
Monetization - We talk strategy around which monetization methods will work for your site and identify which programs to sign up or apply for.
2 Skype/Phone Sessions
You're in over your head.
Taking your current success and creating long-term goals to get your business in top shape.
Implementation - Hands on help getting you off the ground with new initiatives you didn't know how to start.
Business Planning - Figuring out what you've got and how to make it into a viable and lasting business that will sustain you for the rest of your life.

After payment is processed you’ll be lead to a scheduling page where you’ll be able to see all available times, select what works for you, and be on the books!

Homework assignments are provided at the end of each coaching session to best bridge the gap and create momentum outside of our time together.

Ala Carte – $200

1 – 1 hr Phone/Skype Session*

Whether you want to chat about bigger picture strategies or simply need to spend more time on a particular area from the Basic, Intermediate or Advanced Packages this option allows you complete control over the subject matter being discussed.

What? A Real Person?!

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Tim Seidler

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