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Education Preview is the definitive research and comparison site for potential students seeking academic progression in higher or continued education.

Although education is one of those evergreen niches where information will always be sought after, it’s the first time I’ve given it serious consideration for site development.

I owe my thanks for the eventual production of EP to a site I stumbled across through a random blog post link drop – After visiting on a whim and realizing the possibilities I soon started my keyword research only to find out the CPC on just about every exact match and long tail keyword is astronomical.

Further research concluded that although the market is saturated with a whole lot of mediocre websites, there is definitely room for someone with my skill set who can properly organize the information, present it attractively and actually provide some helpful guidance toward the right choice in higher education.

My initial plans include some strategically placed Adsense and ad units, but I’ve got much bigger ambitions! There is also room to sell ad units, phone leads and application page clicks to the institutions themselves. In addition, I have plans to monetize with affiliate banners from and lead generation ad units from

Although I’m money minded (I can’t help it), my ambitions aren’t purely profit-driven. I seek to create a community of sharing where parents and students seeking help can interact on forums, get chat support and easily navigate the website to narrow their options and answer hard-to-find questions.

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