Every once in a while I see a domain come through NameJet that I'm willing to give up the $70 backorder fee to acquire. Just recently I put in a really good one that was dropping the next day.

Every once in a while I see a domain come through NameJet that I’m willing to give up the $70 backorder fee to acquire. Just recently I spotted a really good one that was dropping the next day.


Aside from the obvious, what I would consider, brandability of the domain there were some additional points that led me to pulling the trigger over at SnapNames to stake my claim.

1. Domain Age/History

As you can see this domain was first registered in 1998! You don’t see that very often.

Also, it had obviously been developed to some extent in the distant past, but hadn’t seen much since then. Either way both of these data points lead me to believe there is value in the domain.

2. Lots of Money

When I buy domains I don’t do it to try to flip them. I don’t see much value in buying something for $70 and turning around and selling it for $1,000.

The value I see is developing a site, even a crude one, over the course of a month to a year and getting 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of dollars for it.

Take this survival niche breakdown from NicheHacks and check out the site SurvivalLife.com to see for yourself. There’s big money in this market and anytime I see such promising information I want to own as many domains and ideas in that space as possible.

3. Strengthen My Portfolio

I already own Preppared.com (play on Prepper) and PreppersDirect.com. I’ve had my eye on something with the keyword “survival” in it for a while, especially given the success of Survival Life and a few recent Flippa sales (sale 1, sale 2, sale 3) of survival websites.

So Did You Get It?

I messed this one up boys and girls.

The domain ended up having 2 other bidders so I immediately put in the first bid to become the high bidder. Over the course of the next 2 days neither of the other participants made a move so I thought it was going to be mine.

As you might well suspect someone came in at the last minute and outbid me for the low, low price of $79. I was sad at the time, but now after seeing my full break down of what I lost I don’t think I can be consoled.

What I Learned

1. Don’t put in the minimum bid to take over the high bidding position

Carefully consider how much you’re willing to pay for the domain and put in that number. Then as others bid your proxy bid will take over until they decide to pay more than you.

2. Don’t have kids

The auction ended on a weekend and I’m usually busy chasing my little ones around or doing something else that distracts me from monitoring my auction. If I just wouldn’t have had kids things would be different (sarcasm).

3. I know lists are supposed to have at least three things

My english teacher in 6th grade taught me that outlines and lists should contain at least 3 items so since I couldn’t think of anything this point will have to end my post.

Have you lost any good domain names at auction before? I’d love to commiserate with you in the comments below.

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  • Hi, my name is Oscar, I am from Brazil, and learning about Digital Marketing. This post is fantastic, I have no idea about this.
    Thanks very much

  • Good Day Sir,
    I want to be an internet marketer but don’t know how to start. I’m a Nigerian and live in Nigeria, I would be glad if you can help with advice on how to start-up.

    • Hi Usiayo,

      There are a lot of moving pieces to understanding and successfully setting up a website for the purposes of internet marketing. Lucky for you they’re well documented across the internet and here on my blog. I would recommend finding something you’re passionate about and have a unique understanding of and build a site around that. Here’s how I got started… http://www.getnichequick.com/the-beginning/

  • This is a nice information. But I think someone is not starting a business for which the domain name is a must, there is no point to buy a domain name paying huge price.
    For blogging purpose any domain works great if the contents are good.

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