After securing my first truly passive dollar through niche site marketing I knew I was on to something.

I had seen success, although small, at identifying something that people were searching for (Chicago 5k Races), but to that point didn’t really know how to research or identify exactly how many people were searching for that term and what other keywords related to it were being queried.

Enter Google Adword’s Keyword Tool (now Keyword Planner).

To access this tool you have to sign up as an advertiser and essentially pretend that you plan on creating an Adwords campaign. I mean that’s why the tool was built – for advertisers to identify where they should be spending their money.

So once I got access to this tool and began using it often I came to realize its incredible power. You can type in any search term and see near exact totals for the number of times a keyword was searched each month. It’ll also tell you similar search terms and their totals.

Knowing this information gives you the power to identify which niches are highly trafficked and which aren’t.

The real kicker to this tool is one other data point they give you – Suggested Bid. This stat line tells you exactly how much advertisers are bidding on that keyword. If you’ve been following along then you might be coming to the realization right now that essentially what Google is telling you as an internet marketer at that moment is how much you can make off of someone clicking on an ad in this niche on your site.

Lets break it down in a simpler way to understand.

Keyword Research for Glamping
You type into their keyword planner tool that you want to know how many people are searching for “Glamping”.

Glamping Keyword Research

Once you do that and click “get ideas” you’re shown something like this.

Glamping Data

You can see that on average the search term “glamping” gets 27,100 queries a month with a suggested bid of $1.62.

Break that down daily and you’re looking at about 1,000 people (liberal rounding) searching for “Glamping”. If every single one of them visited your site and clicked on an ad you’d be looking at an estimate of 1,000 x ($1.62 divided by 2). Remember that Google takes their cut and they pay the publisher roughly half although the exact amount is not known. So basically in the best case, totally unrealistic, scenario you’d make $810 a day!

The thing that you have to infer off of this is that not many people type that in exactly, they type “Glamping in Idaho” or “What is Glamping?”. If you’re building a site in this niche you’d be targeting and showing up for all sorts of keyword variations whether you like it or not.

Lets do one more.

Keyword Research for Nursing Schools
Nursing Schools Keyword Research

Best case scenario for showing up first in Google for “Nursing Schools” and having every single person visit your site and click on an ad you’re displaying as a publisher through Google Adsense equals…

Initial math
6,600 month converts to roughly 220 searches a day. $45.45 suggested bid divided in half to reflect publisher commission comes to $22.75ish.

Final math
So 220 visits with clicks X $22.75 average revenue = $5005 a day!

Now those projections are nowhere close to accurate. If you’re lucky and you rank first for a keyword you can expect about 35% of the people to go to your site. Then from there if you’re still lucky you might expect 2-5% to click on your ad.

The thing is though that you can rank for thousands of keywords on any one site. If the CPC (cost-per-click) stays anywhere near the numbers you researched then depending on the niche there is a lot of money to be made.

Also lets not forget that Bing and Yahoo have a significant amount of market share in the search realm too so people will be using their services to get to your site as well.

I digress

So obviously that last part was more of a tutorial about how to research keywords and not actually reflective of the next step in my journey which was actually researching “Mom Blogs”.

My wife was newly pregnant at the time and for some reason I was drawn to new mom’s talking about their experiences. I thought I hit the jackpot when I saw that there were some 5,000 people a month typing “Mom Blogs” into Google. I was very naive about what good search volumes were at the time.

The great thing about being naive was that I didn’t set my sights high. I didn’t stumble on to a niche that I had no chance in. I stumbled into one that was ripe for the taking and had a lot of growth potential.

I picked up the domain and got to work building a site.

I tried my hardest to rank for “mom blogs”, but could never crack the top 10 in Google. On accident though I managed to rank for “Baby Boy Names 2012” and “Baby Girl Names 2012” along with an assortment of other terms.

I also accidentally learned that there’s more than one way to make money online. That’s what I’ll talk about next…

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  • nice article and tutorials as well, but while i’m reading your posts a while ago, some words came and pop-up on my head it was really a question, that, how to get those amount of dollars made by your website? those $5005 a day? how come you get them? i just curious when it comes to that things, i know i’m not making sense here, but i just curious. anyway. Great article sir! have a nice day.

    • Hey Christian,

      I never had a $5005 day (I wish), but the $500 days are definitely more attainable than you think. I’d say the key to getting there is patience.

      I know it’s a hard thing to grasp when you’re just starting out, but things take time. Businesses take time.

      Pick your niche, build an awesome website that provides value to people and continue to add value to it over time. For me it took 4 years of experimenting to get to my $370,000 sale, but the last year was basically where all the extreme growth came.

  • Hi

    Really enjoying reading your posts so far.

    Are you continuing with your journey posts?

    • Hey Gerry,

      Got sidetracked with life, but I’m definitely going to be posting loads more content in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

  • Hi Tim,

    Nice Article and nice explanation.

    Could you please share how do you narrow down on particular keywords (niche keywords)? For instance, how did you come across this keyword ‘Glamping’?

    • Hey Harman,

      I find inspiration everywhere I turn. Most of the time you don’t have to try to find the keyword, it manages to find you.

      I believe I read an article about glamping and being the ever-curious person that I am decided to research keyword volumes.

      I’d suggest spending a lot of time in the keyword planner and just typing anything you can think into it. That’s the best way to learn. Take whatever you did that day and starting dumping in related keywords just to get a feel for the suggested bid and competition in any given market. Before long you’ll find a sweet niche that is ripe for the taking.

  • I’m starting to get interested in this whole internet marketing/advertising kind of thing, but I find an awful lot of it confusing at times.

    First, I started thinking along the lines of e-commerce, but then I don’t have anything to sell, or much capital to buy any stock, so then I started looking at domain name flipping, I probably have enough disposable cash to buy domain names, so over the past few weeks I have been researching into that, but a lot of the info seems to suggests straight up flipping is a dead horse these days, and the potential to make profit is coming from developing domains into sites with quality content in order to attract traffic and click on your ads, but even then people are saying that the CPC/CPM etc are vastly down on what they were previously.

    Do you have anything to say about this?

    Also, to try and get my head around the whole making money on the web issue, would you say that traffic = money, then it is upto me/you/whoever to bring in the traffic through my websites?

    • Hey Mike,

      Great questions.

      From my point of view domain flipping for huge profits is MUCH HARDER than building a website on even a mediocre domain name and making the same amount.

      It’s definitely up to you to find traffic for your website. The good news is that it’s not really that hard. Most people focus tons of energy on making their site look great before they invest any time into their content (me included) and that’s really the wrong approach. Instead of paying $1,000 for a logo or pretty theme invest that money into 10 high quality articles from guest bloggers or paid freelancers to get the ball rolling even faster. The free SEO traffic will show up much faster and you can then focus on reinvesting in aesthetics or functionality.

  • Tim,

    I love you site, and the information you give is top notch. I hope you post more, and keep up the good work(completely understand the curve balls in life). I have a few classes on skillfeed as well as fiverr, but I am struggling to really get the ball rolling on creating the income stream. Getting traffic to my site is the biggest hurdle. How did you keep the momentum going? Was there ever a time when you wanted to say screw it, back to the 9-5? I am a firm believer that cubicles were made to destroy all hope and want. Thanks again for your work, keep it up!


    • Hey Parker,

      The first day at my first office job I remember coming home to my wife (then fiance) and telling her that it was the most soul-sucking experience of my life. I totally get where you’re at!

      To answer your question, even after knowing how awful a corporate job can be I still think about how much easier it would be to just go back to it. There is so much more security there and you don’t have to question your decisions the same way you do after you go out alone. Even with the success I’ve had and the confidence I have that I’ll always survive on my own I still have doubts. I tell myself every day that I have what it takes though and then I try harder.

      Momentum is a funny thing in internet marketing. Most of the time you don’t even realize it’s building and then all of a sudden you’re draining 3’s with your eyes closed. My biggest piece of advice is to stay focused. I know it’s cliche, but whatever you’re working on find a way to do more of it and make what you already have better. Even if you’re only putting in an hour a night. That’s better than nothing.

      In fact, I often find if I can just force myself to get on the computer for 5 minutes that I end up staying on there and doing something at least mildly productive for a couple hours.

      Always happy to help. Keep me updated on your success!

  • Hi Tim, love the blog, I am a bit like yourself, part web coder, part designer and have made a few sites over the years for various businesses in both dreamweaver and wordpress mainly as a hobby. After finding your site you have inspired me to give multiple niche creation a go! The funny thing is like most people say, really look at what you liked to do in the past and work on that was right in front of me all along, I have always liked creating fun sites for myself and my friends and family, I like using photoshop too to give my sites some flare. I am not very interested in freelancing because it seems too much like a 9-5 dealing with clients all the time and not really being your own boss in the truest sense. I am really going to give this a go and create some killer sites with great content and hope to get started Monday, I’m gonna do research all weekend and maybe a udemy course on developing niche sites.

    I will probably have loads of Questions starting out if you dont mind me throwing a few your way?
    I was also wondering if niche sites are still a good business model to get into and if they still yield a good passive oncome?
    One more thing, I was hoping to try and follow your journey as best I could at the start but this blog post seems to be the last one in your “how I got here” group(3 in total).

    Thanks for the guiding light,


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