I was recently asked what my process was at the beginning of my niche marketing career.

My answer: “I just threw shit at the wall and saw what stuck”.

One of the greatest advantages for new internet marketers is their inexperience. They don’t know what works and what doesn’t so they have to feel their way through it. That means trying lots of things and, if you stick with it long enough, carving out your own specialty or niche that hasn’t been exploited by someone else yet.

My early success actually revolved around micro coupon niche sites targeting a very small segment of the “deals” market. You’d be shocked to know what a site specifically about tampon coupons can make in a month – up to $700.

You know how I figured that out? Not by researching it and definitely not by asking someone. I learned of the profit potential by creating the site, putting some strategically placed advertising on it, and sitting back and watching what happened.

Let me revisit that statement. I wasn’t sitting back. I was moving on to another idea while that one did it’s thing.

Don’t ever settle. Keep moving. Keep innovating. Keep trying. That’s the way to success.

Ok so let’s move on to 5 niches that I’ve identified as ripe for the taking (I even bought domain names). Unfortunately for me I’m one of those seasoned vets who doesn’t find time for the quick, little moneymakers anymore so I’m giving them up for your consideration.

1. Gluten-Free

The keyword research behind this idea is ridiculous which means there’s lots of potential for money-making. From what I’ve seen there aren’t a whole lot of micro-targeted websites in the niche though. Just some bloggers talking about recipes and some well-funded big dogs covering everything. If you were to focus on just a tiny segment of the gluten-free niche you’d probably be seeing some real success pretty quickly.

2. Glamping

Almost no one I’ve talked to knows what the heck Glamping is. Google it. I only learned about it recently. If you check Google trends around the keyword you’ll see it’s steadily gaining traction in the U.S. and most of its popularity is currently overseas. Find something in the niche that you can provide a unique or valuable perspective on and I’m betting the traffic will be there.

3. Net Worth

People are always wondering what other people are making. There are a couple big websites out there doing a good job covering the gamut, but none that are narrowing in on the finances of any given category of people. Maybe basketballplayernetworth.com would be a good one to try.

4. Cat Food Reviews

There’s been a decent wave of people targeting dog food reviews, but none that I’ve seen specifically for cats. I have a feeling that it’s because there is just no keyword data to back it up. In my experience there’s often traffic in very unexpected places and you shouldn’t always count on that handy Keyword Planner.

5. Job Descriptions

Speaking of that keyword planner. Drop any job title you can think of into it with the word “job description” after it and you’ll see what a gold-mine you just uncovered. If you want to cash in quickly find a small segment of the job market and make a site describing those job titles. For instance custodianjobdescription.com is still available ;).

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