You might think you’re busting your ass by always having a full plate of writing gigs, but you’re probably barely scraping by and super stressed about paying your bills.

If you want to pick up a quick gig to support your habit of self-destruction this is the place for you.

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In-house writers are salaried workers who get paid to focus on the initiatives of a single business.

Many writers think of this type of a position as soul-destroying largely because in most circumstances it sucks the creativity out of the job, but given the right company and the right pay scale you can be happy here.


Writing online articles, blog posts and product descriptions can only get you so far. Whether you’re a creative fiction writer or a practical non-fiction scribe there are plenty of opportunities to write a book and publish it yourself.

Many writers immediately think they need to knock on publishing house doors to get the work recognized, but with the invent of online publishing and Amazon’s handy kindle marketplace you can get your words in front of millions of people with the right strategy.

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You realize that you have a unique talent and intense ambition, but are overwhelmed with how to do all the other things it takes to make good money writing.

Become a partner on a website and let us shoulder most of the burden so you can focus on writing

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You have a passion for writing and the drive to see it through.

You just need a little guidance on the steps you should take to make money online.

Follow our simple guide to creating a profitable content marketing website from scratch.

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