Choosing a niche is an all important first step to starting a blog and developing a business.

Selecting a niche can be surprisingly difficult when you have a choice of literally every option under the sun available to you.

Go too big and you run the risk of never showing up in the SERPS. Go too small and you could be painting yourself into a corner.

In order to better understand niches and the best way to enter the market it helps to think of a niche the same way you think of soda cups…big, medium, small & kids.

Big Gulp

Huge niches like “music”, “fitness”, “relationship” & “making money” generate countless possibilities for articles and monetization. However, they’re extremely saturated and only high authority sites tend to rank.

Large Cup

A step down, but still out of reach for individuals without a solid team and heavy time and/or financial investment – large niches like “survival”, “sneakers”, and “phone reviews” take a focused look at a broad category.

Small Cup

Small niches offer some of the best opportunity for market penetration and stable growth. While it’s no cakewalk to build a business that ranks well in categories like “auto coupons”, “boys baby names”, or “disney coloring pages” it’s also very easy to imagine with the right amount of fundamental web development, content creation and SEO that these phrases are within reach for almost anyone.

Kids Cup

These micro-niches are great for first timers. Although it’s tough to imagine that such specialized categories can make money the potential for discovery and true customer satisfaction increases with narrowing of focus. Creating sites specific to things like “tying fishing knots”, “best bird food”, and “1st grade math worksheets” gives you a leg up on most competition who hasn’t prioritized those subjects the same way you have.

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