While in L.A. this past weekend I found myself having a heated discussion about something I feel very passionately about. In my mind it seems like the biggest no-brainer in the world, but I was repeatedly told that it just wasn’t a priority by my new found nemesis John. What were we arguing about?

Owning your name as a dot com.

Don’t be like John. Even if you’re the brokest person on the planet I can’t think of anything more attainable and less expensive than spending the $8.00ish a year to stake your claim to your personal identity.

Now obviously there are very unfortunate people in the world who share the same name as hundreds, if not thousands, of others. Sadly this post doesn’t apply to you, but for the vast majority of the population, however, GO BUY YOUR NAME RIGHT NOW. Literally stop reading this. Go to GoDaddy. And buy your freaking name dot com.

Don’t stop there though. GO BUY YOUR KIDS NAMES. They will absolutely thank you one day. Gift your parents and friends their names for birthdays and holidays. They will absolutely thank you and also tell you that it’s the most original and thoughtful gift they’ve ever received.

Ok so now if you’re still not persuaded to do that let me just say that even if you never intend to build a website on joeshmoe.com just imagine how much it would suck if one day you change your mind and another person named Joe Shmoe scooped it up and is using it to talk about his cats. It’s just not worth going through that.

In all sincerity, everything I said is true. I own my entire families names for safe keeping. I also own my brother’s name, who passed away, and couldn’t think of a more fitting memorial than to be faced with renewing his name every year.

Invest in yourself (if you can) and secure your piece of the pie.

If you want to argue with me like John I’ll be available in the comments below.

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