I’m an ideas guy by nature. Everything I see in life turns into a way to make money.

I’ve learned over time that this can be a blessing and a curse. Living with the ability to break down problems and find creative solutions to provide an answer and make money at the same time equates to more ideas than I know what to do with.

Being able to put a filter on this gift is a big obstacle I’m constantly working on overcoming.

For instance, just yesterday we were sitting in particularly congested traffic after visiting the local pumpkin farm. Instead of complaining and moving on like most people I immediately saw the problem and wanted to fix it. As I always do, I went home and began my research, first into the keyword “traffic consultant” and then into clever domains to build a business on. Eventually I landed on a URL I’d definitely build a site on, GridlockGuidance.com.

The thing is I’m never going to build a website about traffic consulting. I don’t even care about traffic consulting. There are plenty of things I do care about though and somehow I always find myself not spending time on those things.

What I’ve found, and you’ll find me reiterate this across the site very often, is that the most success comes from being really, spectacularly good at one thing.

I absolutely hate that I’m a jack of all trades. I could talk at length about just about any niche and yet if I’d just focus my efforts on a singular path I know I would be 10 times more successful than I am.

My former boss started an e-commerce business around power equipment and hasn’t strayed in his efforts for over 10 years. He’s a very wealthy man now. I’ve done a pretty good job at breaking down the coupon niche and taking it into areas others aren’t, but I have by no means explored all the avenues of success tied to my main source of income. My goal going forward is to spend more time on my coupon sites and using this website as an outlet to discuss my other ideas while not getting distracted with building on them until the time is right.

In short, it takes an exceptional person to be able to pursue multiple passions. Be great at one thing first, be better than anyone else. THEN and only then move on to your next big idea. I could stand to follow my own advice there and I plan to.

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See how Tim wrote some stuff up there? You should do that too. Tim's mission is to take average people, force them to write about stuff they know, and then help make them successful beyond their wildest dreams. Easy peasy.

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