If you don’t know it by now you’ll find that I’m pretty open about how much money I make and how I make it. I’ve described the exact steps I’ve taken to become successful to people in all walks of life and out of every conversation a theme has emerged.

Each individual ends by telling me that they’re going to follow my instruction and do it too. They describe their idea. I tell them my thoughts, give them some advice, then tell them to get to work.

Then they all make the exact same mistake. The all do THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO.

They all DO NOTHING.

The only difference between me and them is that I DO.

They make excuses that they don’t know how to set up a website or they don’t know how to make a logo or buy a domain name or aren’t good writers or don’t have time. Guess what? We all have things we don’t know and we’re all busy. I didn’t know all of these things at one point too and look where I am only a few short years later.

I remember feeling very discouraged early on in my internet marketing because I would see people who are successful at it and think to myself “If only I would’ve started when they started I’d have a leg up”. Or “Everyone has already thought of all the good ideas, there’s no way I can do it better than them”. That’s bullshit thinking.

Start right now. Don’t pay any attention to what anyone else is doing and don’t believe you’re not capable of success. All you have to do is put the time in. Eventually you’ll figure things out, eventually you’ll know things too, and eventually you’ll be the best in your niche.

If you start right now and quit making excuses or putting things off you’ll be shocked at how much you can accomplish and probably how easy it is to make money online. You just have to DO SOMETHING.

I’m here to help. Hit me up in the comments if you need some pointers to get off the ground.

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Tim Seidler

See how Tim wrote some stuff up there? You should do that too. Tim's mission is to take average people, force them to write about stuff they know, and then help make them successful beyond their wildest dreams. Easy peasy.

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  • Good Day Sir, I must say I admire your openness, not too many people are as revealing as you, keep up the good work. Question for you sir, if you don’t mind. I like to come up with encouraging quotes sort of in the spirit of successories. The quotes are all mine and would love to figure out what I can do online to make money in that realm, I also like to write and would like to monetize that too. Can you kindly give me ideas of what I can do, what comes to mind is a blog with Google Adsense ads to make passive income but will defer to your recommendations, thank you sire and have a wonderful day.

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