Link Building

For every client you should always be thinking about how you can help them promote your content. This helps them and it helps you.

Link building is a great way to impress your client and open yourself up for making more money.

Here’s what to do…

Offer each client the opportunity to have you link to them from future work.

This means that you tell them in the future that you’re writing an article about a subject that correlates and ask if they’d like to pay for placement in that article.

As a publisher myself I’d be happy to slip someone an extra $25/$50 for a link from a website in a related niche.

I also encourage my writers to link to outside sources so I’d be very open to sharing that revenue with them if they had a list of people who wanted to be referenced from my site.


If you’re just starting one of the fastest ways to ramp up your rates is to stick to specific niches that you’re passionate about. Don’t just take work because you need it. Seek out the jobs in the industries you care about.

When you specialize it means you have a unique and valuable perspective on a subject matter and therefore your subjective or objective viewpoints are worth more.

Ideally you’ll pick one thing and be really good at it. Definitely stick to no more than 3 specific niches when you’re seeking out jobs. By having multiple specialties you dilute your credibility the more you add. Not everyone can be good at everything and when you pretend to be it is very apparent to content managers.

Quick Turnaround

Content managers are just as excited for you to finish your work and pay you as you are. Waiting for weeks to publish an article that you’re excited about is agony for everyone involved.

Don’t procrastinate. If you got a job you want. Get right to work and have them the work sooner than they expected. This will not only endear you to them as someone they can count on, but likely score you a next article right away.

You’ll benefit from more work at a faster rate and potentially higher pay due to your consistency and work ethic.

Built In Social Promoting

Being active on social media and popular forums and message boards is a huge win for writers that you should be flaunting to all prospective clients.

As a content publisher I’m constantly looking for ways to get mentions to my articles from around the web.

If you’re one of the first people to stand up for your work and share it with your audience that makes you a valuable asset to me.

Plus it adds value to my website because there are multiple references, and potentially shares, in popular spots where people consume media and content.

If you build social promoting into your price structure there aren’t going to be a lot of people who turn away the extra help in that department. And they’ll pay you handsomely for it.

Industry Connections

Along the same lines if you’ve got access to people in specific niches then make sure to tactfully exploit them for your benefit.

Everyone likes an ego boost every now and again so if you can interview someone for a piece you’re doing that offers them some street cred AND gives your writing a unique and unmatchable spin then you’ve got something worth paying extra for.

Plus it might lead that authority figure to share the interview with their audience which also makes a content managers heart sing.

Writer’s Associations / Credibility

Though it’s kind of a sham, writer’s associations do provide a level of credibility that makes people more comfortable with your point of view on a matter.

In most instances you simply have to pay for the privilege of being in an association, but once you’re in you can promote it on your personal website, author bios or resume to get instant respect and probably an instant pay raise.

Formatting / WordPress Knowledge

For small website owners hiring out writing can be a bit of a task. Not only do they have to get the content, but they have to put it on their website and format it in a way that’s pleasing to their viewership. Sometimes this can be an hours long process that gets shortchanged or forgotten altogether.

If you have the ability to input your writing directly into a CMS and make it aesthetically pleasing then be sure to let someone know!

It adds to your usefulness which adds to your value which leads to making more money.

Already Published

Obviously the more work you have floating out in the digital sphere the easier it’ll be for you to find paying gigs.

Any content manager worth their stripes is going to ask for examples of your previous work before they give you a chance.

If you’re new to writing then you’re going to have to pay your dues and either take work for less than stellar rates or offer it for free to publications that will add to your credibility down the line.

It really only takes a few articles on a few cool websites for someone to give you a good rate so consider investing 10 hours of free work to someone else’s blog. Once you’ve done that you’ve not only endeared yourself to a potential future client, but you’ve positioned yourself to get work from a variety of places.

The more work you have published the more you can branch out into other areas of specialization

You also have more material to pick and choose from when offering your services to potential clients.

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