It’s about time I stopped manually adding coupons to my site and I am now taking the necessary steps to integrate XML feeds into my monthly updates.

I’ve recently reacquainted myself with an old purchase of WP All Import that I had downloaded for some e-commerce sites I was working on. After playing around for a couple days I feel like I’ve been living in the dark ages.

In the process of implementing my XML feed to pull new coupons monthly I ran into a small issue that I needed to solve.

I wanted to end each post title with the current month and year.

For example:
$1.00 Off Energizer Coupons Printable November 2014

I plan to have the feed auto update through a cron job each month so I don’t have to manually go back and update the title every time it’s a new month in my WP All Import settings.

I emailed support and they helped point me in the right direction. Good job guys.

Here’s the basic steps to add a custom PHP date function to your import settings and/or options.

Step 1.
Basically they told me I could create a custom php function to call the month and year and drop in some code into my XML import template.

I would first need to add the line of code to my desired position in the WP All Import settings:


Step 2.
Then I needed to add a custom function call to my WordPress themes functions.php file. At the very bottom right before the end php tag, ?>, I added the code they instructed plus my PHP echo that I modified from code I found here.

my_custom_function($x) {
// WP All Import add Month and Year to end of dynamic posts with $x
echo date('F Y');

Should look like this…

Step 3.
Now it’s as simple as re-uploading your functions.php file and previewing your handiwork in your import panel.

There you have it. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this was given that I had no idea how to do it before I started.

Once you have the custom function set up in your functions.php file you can add this code from above [my_custom_function({my_element[1]})] to any place in your import settings and options and it’ll pull the current month and date.

Hit me up with questions below.

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